What is the I AM ONLINE (IAO) program?
I Am Online is a proven program that enhances student writing and self-determination. Research has shown students increase their word count from 100 to nearly 500 words per essay using IAO. Both students and teachers report a high level of self-understanding and motivation toward goals using the program. IAO is a flexible program that can be implemented in the classroom in a variety of ways, and used both as a project or throughout a school year.

What makes IAO unique?
IAO is a great tool for strong facilitators. The entire program is online, individualized for every student , and uses blended teaching strategies throughout the process. The teacher provides real time feedback online and facilitates discussion and enrichment exercises. This is a program that makes a great teacher—extraordinary.

Why is the program called the IAO Extraordinary Teacher Campaign?
Learn, Inc. and our sponsors believe our communities benefit from the awareness of the extraordinary work of our teachers. We are confident this project can support the excellent work going on all over the state by dedicated teachers.

How are the teachers selected? Teachers can self-select. We believe, you either are —or aspire to be — an extraordinary teacher, welcoming the opportunity to participate in the IAO etc. training. Learn, Inc. is committed to helping our IAO teachers with training, resources, and mentoring.

Who’s behind this project?
Fifth Third Bank has provided the funding for up to eighty teachers to go through the IAO etc training for the 2011-2012 school year. Learn, Inc. will provide site licenses for IAO to all schools that have a teacher in the train-the-trainer program. There is no cost to either the school district or teachers for training or use of I AM ONLINE in the classroom. Please see our History and Sponsor section to see all the organizations that have made possible the development of Learn, Inc. and I AM ONLINE.

How long is the training - and will it lead to certification?
Learn is offering a one day, free-of-charge seminar. The agenda and training date and locations are listed below. Completion of this training and successful deployment of the program with a minimum of twenty five students will lead to a professional IAO facilitator’s certificate.